A Special Thanks to Wesleyan Foundation

A Special Thanks to Wesleyan Foundation

We were delighted to be invited to attend a celebration event with Wesleyan Assurance and Wesleyan Foundation to say thank you for the funding Sunshine & Smiles has received to develop our Cafe 21 project.

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The event was to celebrate 1 million pounds of funding being distributed to over 200 community groups in the UK since the Wesleyan Foundation was created in 2017.

It was also great to be able to thank Leeds Community Foundation and Heart of England Community Foundation who have made it possible for organisations like us to apply for a grant from the Wesleyan Foundation.

Louise Palin, one of our Cafe 21 team, shared some of her thoughts with over 90 people from other beneficiary groups, Wesleyan and local Community Foundations … her last few words summed things up perfectly: help, kindness, people, & cake.

Wesleyan Group Photo