Speech & Language Sessions – Please let us know if you would like a place

Our survey for Speech & Language groups next year will be closing on 20th August and we will be allocating groups & times before the beginning of September – to help us allocate places for everyone who would like one please complete the survey below if you haven’t already done so.

As many people know our Speech & Language groups are a vital & core part of the support Sunshine & Smiles offers – when we first started up, this is what people told us that they really needed and wanted and it was the first thing that we fund raised for! We were able to set up 4 Speech & Language groups per month.

5 years later and we are now offering 17 Speech and Language groups each month – at a cost of £60 per group. This is our single biggest financial outgoing each year.

The reason for the long post is that over the last few months we have really seen a drop in attendance at the sessions meaning sometimes we only have 1 or 2 children or young people in each group – we understand that people have many other appointments and commitments and that sometimes it is just not possible to attend.

As we approach the Summer break we feel it is a good time to review the current groups ready for September.

We really don’t want to stop running any of the groups but we also need to think about how we are spending our hard raised money (by so many different people) to ensure we are using it for everyone’s benefit.

Our current Speech & Language offer is:

6-12 months – 6 week baby sign course

12 months – 4/5 years – pre-school Speech & Language Sessions on a Monday or Saturday – small groups of 4/5 children plus a parent or carer (Teaching assistants are also welcome if your child is at nursery)

4/5 years and upwards (our oldest member is 23!) – Speech & Language groups on a Wednesday or Saturday small groups of 4/5 children or young people – (again teaching assistants or Personal Assistants welcome)

Whether you currently access a group or not … please could we ask that if you would like your child or young person to be included in a Speech & Language group from September 2018 to complete the attached survey – it will only take a few minutes to complete but will enable us to create the most suitable groups for people and to ensure that we have full attendance at as many groups as possible so that we can continue offer this essential support for all of our families who want it.

Speech & Language Review Survey

Thank you for reading.