Good Luck to Louise in New Job!

Louise Palin starts new job at The University of Leeds.

Last March 2018, Louise worked at the pop up café set up by Sunshine & Smiles. It was here that her parents, Maxine & Nick, really saw what she was capable of! Louise successfully completed barista training and then put those skills into practice at the café. Up until then, Maxine & Nick say they never thought she would be able to work.

“How wrong we were!” Said Maxine.

Louise has worked regular shifts at Sunshine & Smiles’ more permanent café & shop – 21 Co. in Headingley since it opened in January.

Maxine Said: “she loves it. I have never seen anyone so excited to be going to work. Louise’s skills are improving consistently while working at 21 Co. and it has been great for her inter-personal skills, speech and language, independence and accounting experience.”

Louise is also a volunteer on a Monday at her local Neighbourhood Elders Team. Here she helps the elderly at their luncheon club and socialises with them. It has been a great success.

Since starting at 21 Co. Louise registered with the Down Syndrome Association’s WorkFit programme and as a result starts paid work at the Edit Room café at Leeds University on Wednesday 2nd October.

Good luck Louise – you will be great! 🙂